Hi! My name is Brogan and I’m an illustrator who currently resides in Manchester, United Kingdom. I graduated from the North Wales school of Art and Design with a first class honours in General Illustration. I am also self-taught.

When asked to describe my style, I usually describe it as very feminine, colourful, and lineless (or ‘vector’) style. Though I can vary my style depending on what I’m working on.

I am primarily a digital artist, with Photoshop being the program I use the most. Even though that is my main way of working, I dabble in traditional mediums from time to time.

I’m currently closed for commission work, but feel free to contact me about anything at any time at brogancoral@hotmail.co.uk !

For more regular updates with what I’m up to, feel free to check out and follow my Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also contact me through these platforms if you prefer!