On this page you’ll be able to see some sample pages of the comics/books I have self published. (Please click the image to see a larger version). If you are looking for samples of my illustrations/designs feel free to visit the homepage.

Monster Heart
A short fantasy comic about a misguided adventurer who has to complete certain tasks to gain the favour of his beloved princess, but the final task he is asked to do may change his perspective.

Things I’ve Learned About Cats (since adopting two)
An autobiographical mini comic (literally, it’s printed at A6-adorably pocket sized !). These are small anecdotes about the things I had learned since taking in two elderly cats called Lucky and Tigger. There are currently two volumes.

Sucre (sketchbook)
A collection of drawings, doodles and sketches. Sucre also features things like notes, a step by step process of how I create my work, and images of my traditional marker artwork which I usually don’t put into print.